Empowering Hypnotherapy

Dr. Naz is renowned for her life changing session work. Enjoy happiness, health, and success as Dr. Naz provides techniques and understanding to help you reach your goals. Dr. Naz will expand your awareness and skill set in a very individualized way sensitive and tuned into to your life experience, helping you identify the healthiest approach to your present and future. With a healed past and the understanding needed to live peacefully and successfully, you can intentionally create a present and future of empowerment and wellbeing that is sustainable. Dr. Naz applies the extensive insight she’s gained through over 10 years of expertise and applied mind-body wisdom. With her rare combination of experience and skills she shows you the way to reach your highest optimum goals. Her intention is to impact, inspire and empower her clients for lasting change, happiness, resilience, and success. She has top ratings and numerous testimonials speak to her expertise, seeing clients in three Los Angeles, Tarzana and Irvine. As a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist, she helps her clients redesign their life through the understanding of how the mind operates. She also offers instruction in Neurolinguistics Programming, Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis. Dr. Naz offers a rare and powerful combination of training and experience with an interweaving of modalities that create highly refined sessions specifically and intuitively designed for each client. Clients learn to access Personal Genius and gain the tools to create a successful and peaceful life. Practitioners everywhere refer clients to Dr. Naz: Psychologists, Doctors, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists, Counselors, and more.

Empowering Performance

Excellent performance requires excellent focus and the internal rhythm and flow that is a felt experience. Athletes, actors, public speakers, and others who need to perform at a high level under stressful conditions benefit from Dr. Naz’s knowledge of Hypnotherapy techniques that provide insight and mastery over their mental game. Dr. Naz brings out the best in everyone, those seeking to succeed in their chosen performance fields.

Empowering You

Move your business or organization to a higher level of functionality by creating healthier relationships between members and groups. Communication is key to all well-functioning social structures. Dr. Naz provides informational talks and demonstrations that help groups learn methods to promote healthy communication, positive growth, and organizational harmony as well as instruction on how to reduce stress and create healthy and effective behavioral patterns. Corporations, agencies, athletic centers, schools, clinics, and senior care facilities are great fits for these educational and therapeutic services. As a Mediator, Dr. Naz also has advanced training and expertise with family, relationship, community, and multicultural conflict resolution and negotiation strategies.

Empowering You

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