Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a powerful and transformative therapeutic approach that delves into the intricate dynamics and hidden patterns within families and other group structures.

At its core, Family Constellation recognizes that families are interconnected systems where each member’s experiences and emotions influence later generations, typically aligned with one’s unresolved traumas, conflicts, and unspoken emotions.

Clients are invited with the support of a certified practitioner to engage with visual representations of loved ones and past family members to discover the hidden or unconscious dynamics, unresolved issues, traumas, or emotions. This experiential approach often transcends language, as it taps into a deeper, non-verbal realm of understanding.

Common cases for Family Constellation can be:

  • Dealing with patterns in one’s relationships rooting from family origins
  • Confronting people of your past to release present trauma
  • A couple wanting to acknowledge past relationships to thrive in their own
  • Suffering from bipolar disorder or episodes of depression


Family Constellation is known to even cover extreme cases such as suicidal tendencies, miscarriage, or abortion, analyzing the source of these occurrences and how these traumatic events can be healed to improve one’s full wellbeing.

Cases even like Schizophrenia have been addressed through this approach. This case in particular is found to be sourced to a person consisting of a victim and one’s killer coming to Earth within one body.

As the hidden dynamics come to light, the practitioner assists the client in acknowledging and understanding the entanglements that may be affecting their present life. Through this newfound awareness, healing and resolution can occur. Clients often experience a profound sense of connectedness, deeper awareness of their emotional wellbeing, and clearer self-navigation through current circumstances. It is common for one to experience intense emotions during these sessions as vulnerable topics become revealed.

Family Constellation recognizes the importance of family members, including those who may have been forgotten, marginalized, or excluded. By doing so, it seeks to provide a space of understanding these collective experiences, restoring harmony and equilibrium within the self, enabling individuals to step into their own authentic selves and live more fulfilling lives.

As an experienced Family Constellation practitioner, Dr. Golnaz Rafalian will guide you through your case and more. Through this profound unique therapeutic modality, she will help you explore the intricate tapestry of your family system, shedding light on the hidden dynamics to facilitate deeper healing, empowering you to understand and transform your life.

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